"Transformation in the Community"

Transformation Health provides mental health therapy to children ages 6 to 17 and adults 18 and up. Therapy is conducted on location at our office, in the home or a community setting. 

Our services are: 


TRANSFORMATION HEALTH      312 N. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Ste. 300    Baltimore MD 21201 
Phone: +1.443.759.9592  Facsimile: 443-961-8518


Where one or more therapists provide therapy to a small group of clients who have similar issues. The therapist will utilize psychoeducation, relaxation training, problem-solving, and other forms of therapeutic modalities to assist members in gaining new skills and overcoming barriers.

Consist of a collaborative process between the therapist and client with the intention to improve the quality of life and facilitate progressive transformational change.  

Which focuses on improving the interaction, communication and conflict resolution between family members. The sessions will include family members who are willing to participate. Family therapy is also encouraged with the families of our youth clients. 

Transformation Health Psychiatric Rehabilitative Program for Minors is a licensed ​community-based mental health center providing quality rehabilitative and support services to minors with emotional disturbances and behavioral concerns. We service children and transitional age youth from ages 6 to 17yrs.