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Anderline Noutai - CRNP-PMHNP-BC

Medical Director

My name is Anderline Noutai, I am a boarded certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with over twenty- sometime years of medical-surgical and psychiatric/mental health experience. Ten of these twentysomething years have been sent in leadership and management roles. In these roles, I was able to gain profound knowledge regarding policies and producers, and decision-making skills, which has enhanced my ability to coordinate interdisciplinary care. I have practiced in different health care settings including acute care, outpatient clinic, and community-based care. I can provide professional nursing care to emotionally disturbed and mentally ill patients for behavioral health and recovery services. I am an excellent communicator with exemplary interpersonal and administrative skills who is proficient at assessing and implementing appropriate interventions/solutions. I have expertise in state and local policies and regulations regarding beneficiary programs, specifically Medicaid, and Medicare billing procedures.  I strive to continue to grow and strengthen my skills and capabilities, in order to increase the quality of care provided to the patients and the population we serve.

My primary stands in health care are centered around excellence services and patient centered. As a nurse and a provider, I am deeply committed to caring for individuals presenting with any health issues whether medical or mental.  I see caring for others as a moral obligation that is grounded on the foundational framework for nursing.  I feel beholden to protect patient’s right to human dignity by providing high-quality holistic care centered around the patient. I believe that nursing is therapeutic because it is a healing art that assists those who are sick or in need of health care. Nursing is also an interpersonal process because of the interaction between two or more individuals who have a common goal. This concept embodies my practice philosophy, and it aligns with my goals as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. At each encounter, my aim is to strive to provide the best care that fosters the most optimistic outcome for my patients.

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