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Cyrus Nusum

Marketing/Outreach & Operations Director

Cyrus Nusum offers over 25 years of strategic marketing consulting, public relations, communications, community outreach, community education, and events management experience. She is highly skilled and effective in the areas of outreach strategy development, community engagement, and public relations. Strategic networking and relationship building within the professional and grassroots sector is her passion. Her innate ability to develop relationships is how she has been able to connect and reconnect with a number of industry professionals. Her experience also includes working collaboratively with community groups, health and human service agencies, State and Federal Officials, Medicaid Provider's, funders, and volunteers toward a shared mission.

Service with Excellence 

Change Agent

Having an entrepreneurship mind, Cyrus began working in her field of Marketing and Business Development and founded Virtual Marketing Business Consulting in 2010 and recently founded TiPi Tent Soirees in 2019. Because of her love for helping others the company’s focus has been dedicated to helping start-up and small businesses.  Having spent much of her career managing and coordinating statewide events, meetings and serving economically challenged communities she has committed herself to provide resource and training for other up and coming entrepreneurs. 

 Cyrus has played a key role in the development of many agencies and programs throughout the state.  Such agencies as, Transformation Health, LLC a Maryland Mental Health Agency, assisted with the opening of Neighborhood Wellness, a health center ran and operated by Nurse practitioners, developed, and executes, The Mental Minute - a mental health session set up at community events giving visitor's a minute with a mental health therapist; “How to Fire Your Boss” a Statewide Entrepreneurship Workshop and host of other programs and agencies.

 Cyrus is dedicated and committed to improving the lives of our communities, cities and the world we live in one perosn at a time.

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