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Monica Boddie, MSW-LCSW-C


"This is Personal!"

A Letter from the CEO

“Improving the lives, of those we serve.”

Some years after graduating Magna Cum Laude, from Morgan State University, and with honors from the University of Maryland, I started Transformation Health out of the trunk of my car. Armed with faith, flyers, and determination to remove barriers that prevented people from accessing mental healthcare; specifically, those in underserved areas. I felt that mental health services should look and feel different. I thought, if services looked non-traditional and embraced creativity, perhaps it could reach those who held negative beliefs about therapy or were plagued with intergenerational stigmas associated with seeking help.

Forever marked in memory, are the many times when my mother, and brother assisted me with placing brochures in doors and then witnessing positive responses from our efforts by the community. It took a multitude of mini porch sessions, in-home visits, and playground politics, to gain the momentum for Transformation Health to surge. Until, one day, what once seemed a surmountable feat, gave room for open doors and being received with open arms.


I am no stranger to adversity, nor from mental health affecting loved ones.  I too have been an advocate for my loved ones and have also experienced despair when advocacy efforts do not always produce favorable outcomes.  I have chosen to embrace these experiences because they ignite our agency to overcome barriers to client care. When we are able to do this, we become truly Transformational! I am both humbled and amazed of Transformation Health’s continued growth, and of its phenomenal staff. I hope that you too, find this agency to be a place of love and healing for you.  


Kind regards,

Monica Boddie, MSW-LCSW-C


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